1992/2001 Museum Studies: Museology and Museography of the world and in the cultures

Ten years of surveys, on-field researches, photographic and documentary works of museum studies. 
A large research on the observation and analysis of many issues and addresses generally present in contemporary museum project. About 70 museums of the world were observed compared to the "concept" of the museum, its history, its architecture, museology, museum communication, management of cultural heritage, archaeological and environmental. 

This study was extended also with other issues related to cultural heritage, such as:
the museum in the history and cultures: observations and analysis of the most significant and international experiences. Cultural heritage management: analysis of experiences and identification of appropriate strategies. Marketing strategies for cultural heritage and museums: international experiences. Alternatives Museums: archaeological parks, parks and natural environmentalist, Heritage centers, local museums and the territory as a museum. Public museums: assessment, development, recognition, wants, goals.
Museum-technics: general, specialized technology. Communication in museums: image, disclosure, education, interactivity, media design. The graphic design for the culture communication. The heritage preservation in a museum.

 With: Università di Palermo/Italy (1992/2001)

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